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Siniat plasterboards are made to comply and exceed even the highest norms and needs in drywall systems constructions. Even more, Siniat offers special gypsum boards that are designed to withstand in tough environments. Our range of plasterboards include but are not limited the ones presented below.


Good projects always start with a good base. Siniat knows this and offers high quality gypsum suitable for different applications: preparing the base walls for plasterboards, leveling out big or small irregularities on building surfaces or even casting different shapes and forms.

Metal frame for plasterboard systems

We offers different types of metal frame for the widest range of plasterboard applications on a construction site.

Accessories for plasterboard systems

To get the best results out of Siniat plasterboards systems you can use the specially created accessories. From screws and tapes, to metal joints and anchoring rods, Siniat offers all you need from the start to the finish of a project. Even more, we offer special accessories for special applications, for example connectors for walls with sound insulation properties.

Mineral wool

Some systems are not complete without mineral wool. If you want to offer your system an even better phonic or thermal insulation, you can choose from our range of mineral wool, depending on the size, thickness or fire resistance needed.